Red Amaryllis Gift Set

Isn’t it nice when you can extend the Christmas gift excitement up until February, or even March?

I say March because another Christmas present for me was a gift card to spend at any local gardening center which I can’t wait to do! I think that is fantastic!

This Red Lion Amaryllis giftset was one of my Christmas presents and it’s right about time for me to enjoy at it’s best. The flowers have almost opened and I predict a magnificent weekend to be!

The kit contains two red Lion Amaryllis bulbs size 30/32 cm, which means there are going to be 2 to 3 stems with at least 4 flowers on each. How amazing is that! Also, it contains basically everything you need to plant the bulbs – soil and a beautiful rectangular flower pot. All you need to do is to:

  1. Fill the container 3/4 full of soil
  2. Place the bulb in the soil and cover with more potting soil, leaving the tip of the bulb exposed
  3. Water so that the soil is moist but Do Not over-water
  4. Place the decorative moss on top and place at room temperature near a window seal where it can get enough natural sunlight

Be careful with the right amount of watering because this type of pot doesn’t have any holes so do not over-water. Also, the decorative moss can be very tricky because you can’t see when the soil is too dry and needs watering so every 5-6 days you should go and check the moisture. Do not let the soil dry completely as you may have problems with the flowering.

Come with me on this Amaryllis journey and enjoy the flower opening soon…

Meanwhile, you can read more about Amaryllis here.

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