One Different Shopping Haul

I love flowers so much! But sometimes I feel stuck and need an inspiration, new ideas or let’s say something that will bring my excitement back! This is the moment I recall as “Shopping treatment time”!

Every time before heading to the stores I make myself promise that this time I won’t be buying too much. Just something little to brighten up the day or something I hadn’t had before. And very often I go straight after work, especially after a busy day because then I really feel it’s okay to reward myself for all the hard work and find a way to relieve the stress. Well, for me this is the best way. It’s even better than buying clothes and it’s almost like a walk with a friend in the park.

At the beginning, I try to buy flowers and tools on good deals but very often I end up buying what I want if I really want it. You know because there is always a flower that is a MUST HAVE!

I can really spend hours and hours in the store going shelf by shelf until seeing all that’s new. It’ such a great pleasure especially when a new season is coming and everything is so inspiring that I don’t even know where to start. Even though in some cases I’m going to enjoy the lovely blossom of the flowers after quite a long time.

And on the opposite, I feel sad when I find out that the gardening section has been replaced with Haloween decoration.

Usually, I grab this and that and Oh!… especially that! This is my euphoria stage. Then a bit of a sanity starts to take control and makes me let go of some of the flowers or replace some of them in order to have what is essential right now for the season. After all, I can’t have it all! Can I?

Here is my most recent shopping haul from Wilko and some interesting facts about flowers:

The cute little bird box will be a bit of a challenge I think. I’ve read on a gardening group that some people advise the box to be at least 3 meters from the ground. If it has an open front it should be hidden from view so cats don’t see it. Positioned on a shed wall or tree will do. The box should be facing down slightly so rain can’t get in and facing North to East. I have no idea have am I gonna place that box at three meters height as I don’t have a ladder at the moment. But hey, one step at a time.


I bought suet logs for the first time. I already have the round fat balls with sunflower seeds but they seem to be liked only by pigeons and I would like to attract some Tits or Robins or other small and colorful birds. As it shows on the package this should be the right thing.

It’s made from beef suet, wheat flour, peanut flour, millet seed, linseed, rapeseed and berry flavour. Suet logs are highly nutritious and provide the birds with lots of calories and the added insects and seeds offer extra protein. They are especially needed when it’s snowing and frosty outside so birds can’t find food easily. I remember there was one snowy Sunday this winter when my garden was full of at least ten different kinds of wild birds looking for food. I was wondering what was happening but didn’t miss the chance to make some photos. To see them click here.

If birds don’t come very often and can’t eat the logs on time before they got spoiled and molded it’s better to give them one log at a time as they have an expiry date. This way you’ll have them longer.

There are special suet log feeders but I’ve just put them in the regular one for now just to try if birds will like them. If they do I’m thinking to supply them with a brand new feeder. Isn’t it lovely that by feeding the birds we are both helping them to survive and also get to watch them every day in our garden! No need to mention the songs they sing every morning while sipping the tea!



The flower in blue is called Agapanthus also known as African lily and it is perennial. I haven’t had this before but it is really time to be seen in my garden. It will be perfect for cut flower displays although I’ll probably keep it in the garden as I prefer to keep them for longer.

Actually, to my surprise, last time I was planting some spring bulbs in the garden realized that the plant with the green leaves that didn’t flower last Spring is an Agapanthus! Thank God I keep the labels in the ground. It turns out I have got two now! Can’t wait to see them!

This is how it looks like now, a bit tired but within a month will be alright. The leaves are a bit damaged by the frost but it’s a hardy plant so will look better once the weather get warmer.


Beautiful Begonias! This year I want to master the absolutely stunning cascading Begonias either by themselves in a hanging basket or with other plants. Every summer when I go by people’s houses or local streets and see beautiful arrangements of Begonia mixed with green cascading plants in hanging baskets wonder how did they do it. Then I think to myself that I should try it. It’s easy to go in the garden center and buy a giant flowering basket but there is nothing sweeter than doing it by myself. It’s completely different feeling to start from scratch.

Here is a video which really inspired me to start them now and get them ready early in the season.


Peony! What can I say! It holds warm memories from my childhood! It was one of my grandma’s favorite flowers. She loved the deep pink and red peony, but I chose to buy something different this time. She loved all the flowers as much as I do and used to have a big garden. Actually, it was more like a small farm because she had all kinds of vegetables along with the flowers and also some animals – pigs, chickens, cows, goats, turkeys, horses and so on… Not only by herself of course but with my grandfather.

Anyway, peony is an important flower for me and not only because it’s very trendy on Instagram 😀

Can’t wait to see these white petals!


Oh, that Freesia!

When I was a teenager I used to love to visit the local flower shop and have a look at what’s new there. As a teenager, my budget was limited as you may suppose so I only watched them. But I still remember the smell of the lovely Freesia. It was later on in the years that I found out what was the name of that flower I used to like. Ever since then I wanted to plant some in my garden. There is a right time for everything in this life so I think it’s about Freesia time!

I’ve planted them in the front garden as they love sunny spots. I’m hoping for a colorful and fragranced Spring to come!


That was a-love-from-first-sight purchase! I fell in love with this gorgeous white Ball Dahlia! I think it will be perfect for cut flowers and looks very delicate pure amongst other flowers.

So sad that this beauty flowers way ahead in September so long time won’t see but I promise it will be spectacular to see!


Hello, unknown flower!

I bought this flower only because it reminded me of Freesia and I want more of them. But actually, it turned out it’s a Day Lilly! After I checked the name on the label I realized I’m gonna have one more variety of Lilly in my collection. Well, good news, because I love them!

It flowers in late July, the beginning of August and should look something like that:


















Aaaand last but not least the Lillies that I’ve bought absolutely consciously: