Italian Tuna salad

Quick and easy summer salad that you can make after a busy day for a quick dinner or as an addition to the Sunday barbecue. The ingredients are simple and you can easily find them in the local grocery store. There is no need to say that the fresher they are the best the taste would be. If you try to find the best quality products the result could be really promising.

I was inspired to make this salad after I have been served the same deliciousness during my recent visit to Italy. It was a lovely summer evening, we went home late after a long day on the beach so me and my mom were very pleased to enjoy the tuna salad accompanied by marinated fish, followed by sweet melon and juicy peaches. Summer idyll!

Here are the ingredients, which as you can expect, should not be in precised measurements because this is a salad after all and you can adjust them to your liking:

for 3 servings

2 tins of tuna steak in spring water

a few slices of bread, ciabatta or I used Turkish bread

a handful of Kalamata olives


ripe tomatoes

olive oil and salt to taste

First cut the tomatoes in a mixing bowl and season them with salt and olive oil. This way they release their juices and give extra flavor to the salad. Then add the tuna with some of the water from the tin and mix everything together. Add the bread, cut into small pieces, put on top the already pitted and cut olives and finish with the chopped celery on top.

I hope this salad will give you some inspiration because sometimes we get stuck in the everyday routine and forget about the endless variations of fresh and easy food. Enjoy!