Healthy pancakes… or not so healthy

The recipe that I want to share with you down below has been given to me from my husband’s cousin. Although they are more like brothers and have many things in common they differ in one substantial thing – Ivan has the biggest fondness for sweets I have ever seen. His sweet tooth is legendary in our family and nobody can even try to compete with him LOL.

If you see yourself in Ivan’s story and sometimes feel desperate to find a low-calorie treat, you can give this recipe a go and try the pancakes.

Ivan was very into bodybuilding for the last couple of years and because of that he was looking for a healthy snack to match his food requirements. He needed something sweet but not too high-calorie.

Basically he can’t resist anything that has sugar and chocolate in it. The very moment he spots something sweet his brain stops to work and all of his mindfulness and will are vastly vanished. He usually ends up eating 2 liters of mint ice cream after dinner and still can eat more. I have to admit as well that he often feels sick in the end but this will never put him off.

One day he decided to find a substitute of his always favourite blueberry muffins, so he found the perfect healthy pancake recipe, by adjusting the ingredients and testing different methods to make them to his liking. I have to admit that I really like them too. If you stick to the ingredients below, you can enjoy a really healthy snack and not ruin you diet. But for your “cheat day” you can always pour your favourite chocolate on top or whatever it is that you like.

Pssss…. although I know I should put honey or maple syrup on top I love to spread some homemade Italian chocolate which makes them no longer healthy, but most of the time I really don’t mind. I love it!

Here it comes the recipe itself:


2 whole eggs

200 g. egg whites

1 1/2 Banana

125 g. Natural yogurt

Vanilla Extract

25 g. Vanilla Whey

100 g. Oats

Combine all of the ingredients into a suitable bowl and mix them together with a blender. Place a small size pan on a low heat and grease the bottom. Pour one full ladle for each pancake. Right after that you can place a few halved blueberries but this is optional.

It tastes great by the way. You can also add some organic raw cocoa nibs if you wish.

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